New Rancho Mission Park playground survey [2nd update]

Through the efforts of Councilmember Scott Sherman, funding to design and construct a new playground at the Rancho Mission Park on Margerum Avenue has been secured and city staff is ready to move forward.

The new playground will be constructed on the old site. We have an opportunity to provide data to city staff and the consultant hired by the city to develop the playground. If you use, have used, or would use Rancho Mission Park, and in particular the playground, please take a few moments to complete the survey. Your input is important.

UPDATE February 28, 2016:

At the January Allied Gardens Recreation Council meeting, city staff and Amy Hoffman, the consultant with KTUA hired by the city to design the playground, presented two draft plans and requested input.

We have the initial survey with several additional questions requested by city staff. Please complete the new survey even if you completed the first survey by February 1. Data from both surveys will be tabulated.

Please click here for the newly updated survey

If you have friends and/or neighbors who are interested in a new playground at Rancho Mission Park, please direct them to this website ( to take the survey.

$1,300,000 has been allocated to complete the playground. This includes extensive ADA requirements for the playground and ADA access to the playground from adjoining streets. Several members of the community who were directly involved in the design and construction of the playground at the Lake Murray Community Park have offered to lend a hand for this project as well. The development of the Lake Murray Community Park Playground was initiated by community members and was handled by the community and city as a “Community Build” project. It is the intent to do the same with the playground at Rancho Mission Park.

City staff and the consultant will be making a presentation at the Allied Gardens Recreation Council meeting on Monday, January 4, at 7 p.m., which will be held at the Allied Gardens Recreation Center. They will be seeking input from the community. This is our first opportunity for the community to provide input. Results of the survey will be presented as well. If you have any other questions or comments, please email the Rancho Mission Playground Committee at All contact information will be kept confidential! Please complete just one survey.

Thank you,

Rancho Mission Park Playground Committee