NCPI agenda packet for August 20, 2012 meeting



CPC Ad Hoc Committee – CIP process

Dear Members of NCPI,

The community Planning Committee has been very busy this last two years endeavoring to be better recognized as the voice of the Committees of San Diego. Similar to NCPI, CPC members serve on AD HOC committees to help with the many issues which effect the communities of the City of San Diego,

The most important and urgent task is to assist the City of San Diego with the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) as they relate to the city wide budget. I am serving on the CIP and AD HOC committees and need to solicit the wishes of the Navajo communities. Funds are available from many sources but NCPI must request those funds be spent in our communities. Likewise, there are Development Impact Fee’s (DIF) which must be earmarked to be spent in our communities.

The attached email will help explain the budgeting process as well as how the need for funds are second. Please take this issue very seriously and together we can work together to request that Navajo receives the fund our community needs.

Dan Smith